7 Safe and Best Oils for Baby Massage in India

A baby’s skin is supposed to be soft and supple naturally. As moms, we want to use the best oils to massage our babies. In today’s times of extreme pollution and adulteration, it is imperative to use high quality and natural oils and lotions for baby’s skin care.

Remember the “Googly Woogly Wooksh” Ad of our yesteryears, by a popular cream brand? Well, that’s exactly how a baby’s skin has to be – velvety soft and the one you cannot let go of. For that soft velvety skin, it is important to keep the babies moisturized at all times. Instead of moisturizers and other lotions, the best way to keep a baby’s skin soft is using natural oils.

A daily massage with natural oils is very important for a baby’s wellness. These natural oils are not only beneficial for the skin but are also the best baby massage oils for strong bones. They also help to develop a deeper bond between mom and baby by encouraging more skin to skin contact.

There are a variety of natural oils that are available in the market today. Here is a list of top 7 oils which are best of babies.

#1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil For Baby Massage

Coconut oil is the best choice for summer – and always. It is the best solution to get rid of summer dryness and rashes that are caused due to excessive heat. Coconut oil is suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin. Coconut oil has antioxidants which protect the baby’s skin from skin cell damage and inflammation thus making a baby’s skin soft and healthy.

It also helps in treating eczema, rashes, and patches. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, thus making it a perfect choice for baby skin. Coconut oil is good to apply before and after a bath. Application before a bath keeps the skin hydrated and after bath makes the baby’s skin smooth and silky.

I have used this brand also and loved it. After a few days I switched to this brand, as it was quite similar and offered a better price. Both are organic and cold pressed – which is what I look for in a good brand of coconut oil.

virgin organic coconut oil for babies#2. Mustard Oil For Baby Massage

It’s the best oil for baby skin in winters. Massaging babies with mustard oil in winter is advisable as it provides warmth to the babies.

As mustard oil is very strong, it should not be applied directly on a baby’s skin. It should always be mixed with other oils, like olive oil. Using mustard oil infused with garlic, fenugreek or carom seed helps in increasing immunity in babies and in soothing them during cough and cold in winters.

Usually, I try to get fresh pressed mustard oil from a mill in front of my own eyes (or my husband’s). This is because in India, mustard oil is very widely used in cooking. It has been difficult for me to identify a good brand of mustard oil that meets my criteria and is affordable as well. So, I prefer to trust oil that has been milled in front of me.

However, I do use this one  and sometimes this brand of mustard oil as well, when I am unable to get some from a mill.

#3. Almond Oil For Baby Massage

Almond oil is a very rich source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E and is high in antioxidants. It is good for a baby’s skin as well as hair. It is good for babies for all age groups. It gives babies a very soft and glowing skin. It also helps to repair dry skin in babies. Massaging Almond oil on babies nails helps in making nails stronger and shiny. It’s best to use pure almond oil on baby skin.

I have always used Hamdard’s almond oil as it that the best reputation for almond oil. However I also like this brand as it is organic almond oil.

sweet almond oil#4. Sesame Oil For Baby Massage

It is one of the best oil for Ayurvedic Massages for babies. It is good for overall wellness in babies. Sesame oil has anti-bacterial and anti –inflammatory properties. It works wonders for babies with dry skin. It’s good to be applied after a bath as it helps protect baby skin from UV rays. Sesame seed oil is also a good laxative for babies more than a year old.

I like this one because it’s organic sesame oil. I also like this brand as it comes at par, but is not available in bigger packs.

#5. Castor Oil For Baby Massage

Castor oil is very good for babies with dry skin. It is good for baby’s hair as well. A massage of castor oil on the scalp helps in thickening the hair and soothing the scalp.  While applying one needs to keep caution and avoid baby’s eyes and lips. It also helps in bone development in babies. A massage of hot castor oil can relieve colic pain in babies.

I had always got castor oil locally when I used it. Though this brand of castor oil is organic and cold pressed, I was not able to identify their Organic Certification.

virgin cold pressed olive oil

#6. Olive Oil For Baby Massage

Olive oil is a very popular massage oil for babies. It can be used in every season. However I trust our native “Indian” oils like coconut and mustard over olive oil for massage. I have used it to dilute mustard oil sometimes.

Olive oil helps in skin regeneration in babies and keeps the skin soft and healthy. Rubbing olive on baby’s stomach also helps in relieving constipation and gas problems in babies.  For some babies with sensitive skin, it is sometimes not suitable as it increases skin permeability and causes further skin problems.

Always go for a good organic virgin cold pressed olive oil. I am still searching for one I like a lot, and will update this section when I do. If you come across a great one, please do let me know.

#7. Ghee For Baby Massage

Ghee or clarified butter is important not only for the skin but for the overall wellness of babies. In the growing years babies require more fat content in their diet and ghee is one of the healthiest sources of fats in a diet. A gentle massage of warm ghee on a baby’s chest can help in relieving severe chest congestion. Rubbing clove infused ghee on the nose and around the baby’s ears help in curing a cold.

A lot of good oils are available in the market, but nothing can beat the goodness of pure oils. They are the healthiest and the best options when it comes to taking care of your babies. A regular massage with these oils helps to make a baby’s skin soft and healthy and also facilitates overall development in babies.

The best brand of ghee in my opinion is homemade ghee. Yes, the one you make at home! It’s quite easy and you can be absolutely sure you’re giving the best to your child. If you run of out ghee (as we sometimes do) I get this brand of organic ghee.

What oil do you use to massage your baby? Which oil is best for your baby? Share below!

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  • Ashley Owens

    My favorite is coconut oil it has so many amazing uses

  • Jennifer Crisp

    Coconut oil is my absolute favorite oil for everything! I have a huge container of it that I keep in the pantry at all times.

  • Threads Shuttles

    Nothing can compare to the oils you have listed there, away from chemicals. Coconut oil is such a life saver – like an answer to most hiccups.

  • Anupriya Gupta

    I prefer to use coconut oil during summers and sesame oil all round the year. Havn’t tried castor oil ever. very informative article

  • Ophira B

    We have used virgin coconut oil throughout and have enjoyed it a lot. I always was interested in trying out mustard oil just never got the chance. This is a great resource for new mommies.

  • Roopika Sareen Akhtar

    This is such a helpful article! While I have never experimented much with oils for my tots, I always wanted to switch to sesame oil – have heard great about it. Now since you have shared your experience as well, I think I will give it a try.

  • Nayantara Hegde-Karkhanis

    This is a very useful list. I had no idea one cannot use mustard oil directly but needs mixing with a base. Maybe I could try that this winter.

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    I used olive oil for my girls when they were small. I agree these oils are better than lotions or creams.

  • Shipra Trivedi

    Initially I used Mustard oil for my son and it went well for him. When summers came, I started using coconut oil and that also went well for his skin. I have heard so much about olive oil but never tried it for my son. Thanks for sharing this list. I am thinking to try sesame oil.