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New parent? Looking to find the best and safest baby crib in India for your little one! Read on! Am sure, this post will help you in making an informed choice!

Indian parents, unlike their western counterparts, don’t feel the need for a crib for their baby.  Co sleeping and bed sharing being the norm in India, a baby crib is generally considered redundant. It would be a great scandal if any neighborhood aunty found out that a mom puts her baby to sleep alone in another room! I too have heard snide comments, as to why I needed to buy a crib – and separate the baby from myself.

A crib’s primary purpose is to provide a safe enclosure for your baby to sleep in. Babies have begun to roll as soon as 6 to 8 weeks old – so one really cannot take the chance of leaving them alone – no matter the size of the bed! And once they begin to sit and crawl – you will be hard pressed to find a space that can contain them!

Reasons why I chose to buy a baby crib

Being a new parent, and slightly paranoid – I wanted peace of mind that my baby is safe and secure. Before I got the crib, I would constantly be checking the room, again and again, just to make sure my baby hadn’t rolled off. It was just too stressing.

Babies nap throughout the day, and can get up anytime. A baby crib provides a safe environment for them to sleep in. And peace of mind for parents.

Separate bedding set with mosquito nets can cost you anywhere between Rs 500 to 1000. Though highly effective, infants outgrow these very, very soon. In fact you will not be able to use them once your baby turns 10 -12 weeks. Isn’t it better to invest that amount towards a baby crib, which you can use up to 3 to 4 years?

Mosquitoes and insects can be a big problem – and babies need to be protected all the time. I abhor any kind of commercial mosquito repellent or cream. Even those mosquito mats and patches I would consider unsafe for a young baby. At night we use a mosquito net for our bed. Placing and removing this huge net can really be cumbersome during the day– as the baby keeps getting up. This is where I have found the baby crib to be extremely useful. It has its own mosquito net which can be placed securely and removed easily when required.

Our generation is moving towards the nuclear family setup. And with lesser helping hands, a mother does need to leave her baby in a safe place – to open the door, cook food, take a bath or even load the dirty laundry. And yes, sometimes even a mother needs a time out. So, you can place your baby safely in the crib and take a moment for yourself.

If like me, you trash about in your sleep, then also a crib is useful to keep the baby from inadvertently getting hurt. I need to change a zillion positions before I can finally fall asleep. Also, since we have two single mattresses instead of a double one, I didn’t want my baby sleeping on the middle of both – as it would have been uncomfortable for him. Having him in a crib just next to my side – helped the both of us be more comfortable.

A cradle or ‘palana’ as Indians like to call it – again outlives its utility after the baby turns 6 months. The prices also range between Rs 1500 to 6500. It is a solid waste of money, when you consider the newer options in the market. I had liked this baby crib online, but at that time they couldn’t deliver it to Kanpur. This crib is wonderful as it comes with a cradle swing attachment. You can use it for the first 6 months and then remove it, and place your baby in the crib itself.

The crib helped my baby to stand up and walk earlier than other babies. He would try to stand up holding the railing at the age of 8 months itself. He would also love to prance about the crib, trying out his skill of walking.

Things to consider before you buy a crib for your baby

Before you think of finalizing which baby crib you will buy, consider the following points

  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Age of your baby


Cribs and cot beds can leave a big hole in your pocket. With frivolous add ons, like fitted sheets, crib bumper and skirts and expensive crib toys – there really is no end to what you can spend.

A good quality safe and green crib will cost you anything between Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000. Some good low range budget cribs are also available in the range of Rs 7,000 to 10,000. So, choose wisely. I would advise you to pass over the unnecessary items like a crib bumper and crib toy – and invest in a good crib.

If you are unable to locate a crib that suits your requirement, there is no harm is going for a second hand crib. If you choose to go this way – be sure to spend some of your saved money on a new mattress! Because well – you know why!!!


I am a work from home mom. Though we have an extremely active social life, once we had our baby – we chose to withdraw for a year – to focus on Baby C. When he was 3 months old, I just had to attend my sister’s wedding in Bangalore, in November. On returning Baby C caught a bad chest congestion – and we felt really, really bad! We have travelled since then – 4 to 5 days trip but they have been few and far between.

The point I am trying to make is that if you are an avid traveler, who like travelling with your baby, a travel cot maybe a wiser investment than a normal everyday cot!

Space constraints are also a problem because of the small flats being built. Does your bedroom have enough space to comfortably accommodate your baby’s crib and all the other baby stuff? You can also consider a foldable crib, so that it can be packed away when you need that area.

Age of your baby

While pregnant only I had decided that I would be buying a crib, because I wanted all the protection available in the world for my little one. Since I one I wanted was not available online at that time, I had to buy from an offline store. My mother insisted I wait, till the baby came before finally buying one – for a variety of religious reasons. So, I decided to respect her wishes and we finally managed to get the crib when my bub was 2 months old.

If you are still in pregnancy phase, this will be a good time to weigh all your options and finalize one. Though I am a proponent of co sleeping and lots and lots of body contact, a crib is required when you need to place the sleeping baby in a safe place. Also, having a crib form the start, allows tha baby to also get used to it.

If your baby is between 4 to 6 months and you are planning to buy a crib, then it would be good to buy one which has a super secure guard rail. No baby likes being confined – they’ve had enough of it in the womb! Watch how they manage to escape even the securest of cribs. Once your baby becomes a toddler – it is a given – that he will attempt to escape!

If your baby is over a year, then there really is no need to go for a crib. Buying a sturdy child bed would be a better investment in my opinion.

Why I chose the crib I use for my baby

Though I would have loved to opt for an all natural material crib and an organic mattress, options in India are severely limited! After doing a lot of research and considering our budget as well, we had to make a choice somewhere in between.

If you have the flexibility of budget, then do go for an all natural baby crib and an organic mattress.

best and safest crib and cot bed in india

The crib we currently use is the Happy Dino Lilly Multifunctional Cot. We bought it at the BabyOye store, because online delivery was not possible for the product to where we lived. The crib was priced at Rs 14,999 and the mattress was costing Rs 3000. We coaxed them to give us a discount and ended up getting a 15% discount if I recall correctly. This worked up to a discount of Rs 2700 – almost the price of the mattress!

  • The crib is multi functional – a cot, cradle and it even had a rack to store baby stuff- all in one!
  • The cradle or bassinet could be attached and detached as required.
  • It came with a mosquito net
  • The rack is good to store stuff, like nappies and pajamas, for easy access. It is also detachable – so in case you have a space constraint – remove it and use elsewhere.
  • Removable side guardrail option which can be used to combine with parents’ bed.
  • Adjustable height, as baby grows.
  • New Zealand pine wood and lacquer free for the bed body – safe and green.

best and safest crib in india

The crib is good, one the best I found at the time. A few things could have been better. Like wheel lockers, which were missing and I never really understood the point of the opening headboard! They have come up with a newer version of this same model. In the new model, all the wheels have brakes and the net rod is also adjustable.

Now that you have a fair idea what kind of crib will suit your requirement, do a quick survey and finalize on one! I will slowly being reviewing a couple of baby cribs and cot beds and adding them to the list.

In case you come across a good one, do leave a comment, so that together we can help parents choose a baby crib better