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Our phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. No matter how much we hear about screen time not being good for us and our kids, sometimes we just have to use them to save our sanity!

And it is for times like these only that I suggest these parenting apps or parenting hacks, if you will!! All them are available on Google Play for free. Some have in app purchase and premium options, but I being the frugal (read chepo) mom that I am, have only used the free version!

Top Apps for Pregnancy

Top Apps for Newbie Parents

Top Apps for Parents with Toddlers and Kids

Top Apps for Pregnancy and Getting Pregnant

If you are planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant, here are some apps to make your life easier.

My Calendar Period Tracker App
Top Apps for Pregnancy and Getting Pregnant
A simple, straightforward app that tracks your period days. It helps you determine the days you are ovulating and are fertile. Having intercourse on the fertile days increases your chance of getting pregnant.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting App
Top Apps for Pregnancy and Getting Pregnant

Which pregnant woman has not heard of this book? It was like a pregnancy granth! The App is quite informative as it provides you a week by week update about the growth of baby. It also keeps providing you tips on food and eating well and also on how you can start preparing for your newborn.

My Pregnancy Today App

Top Apps for Pregnancy and Getting PregnantThis is an app by BabyCenter, a website by Johnson and Johnson. Though I never recommend their products, their app is useable. Like the What To Expect App this app gives you a daily countdown to your D-day, along with tips and tricks.



Top Apps for Pregnancy and Getting PregnantThis pregnancy app is quite popular on Google Play. I hadn’t heard about it during my pregnancy, so haven’t used it yet. From the many reviews, it looks like a good app. It lets you input your due date let’s you know how your baby is growing on a daily basis. Baby name suggestions, packing lists and exercise tips  are also included in this app.

Top Apps for Newbie Parents

As a new parent, you are lost! Even with all the help around, you tend to get more and more confused with all the conflicting advice of families, friends, neighbors and the maalishwali!

With more and more parenting websites cropping up, everyday, (This one included. But hey, I’m helping aren’t I?) you feel like you are sinking in a quagmire! Sometimes, you just need that one go-to-thing that provides a solution without you having to second guess yourself!  These apps are just that!

What To Expect When You Are Expecting App

You may already been using this Android App when you become pregnant. And if you have been, then this app also starts to provide advice on how to take care of a newborn once you reach your due date.

My Baby Today

This is an app from the stable of Johnson and Johnson and their website BabyCenter. I never use J&J products for my baby, ever. The list of carcinogenic ingredients at the back of their products should send any parent reeling.

Their App however, is good, informative. I used their pregnancy app My Pregnancy Today just to keep track of how my baby was developing inside me. They never promoted J&J products in the App, thankfully when I was using it.

White Noise Baby

This is one app which really came handy for me. It makes a variety of white noises, including washing machines and car rides. It also has a rattle which I used only after my baby was 6 months old. I have since uninstalled the app, but it was very useful in the baby’s first one year.

Baby Daybook

I used this app for like a week. With the exhaustion of looking after a newborn, I just didn’t have the energy to fill in the number of times I was feeding or changing my baby. My husband, a control freak, was really happy with the app and wanted to go premium so that we could track growth, but I put my foot down! However, I found it extremely helpful when my baby was not well. The pediatrician always kept asking how many times he peeded and popped, and that was the only time I used this app to record the daily bodily excretions of my baby!

Baby Monitor

In theory, the Baby Monitor app looked awesome! You put it in active mode and leave your phone in the baby’s room. When it picks up the sound of baby crying it would call you on your designated number.

Without having to spend 5K to 10K on an actual baby monitor, you get a…well… monitor! It’s sounds great, but in India, this app really doesn’t work because there is sooooo much noise all around!! The app used to pick up the sound of the fan!

I tried using this app 4 to 5 times and as soon as I shut the room door, I would get a call! So really a waste of time and effort for me.

Baby Sprout

After the BabyDay book experience, I never really went for daily trackers. I am thinking of trying this app as it offers monthly developmental updates so I can see exactly how well my child is doing.  The problem with these food tracking tools is that Indian food options are limited!


Yes, every mom’s savior! Out of diapers or coconut oil? Firstcry is quite prompt in their deliveries, especially when it comes to diapers. They have a guaranteed next day delivery, which is especially helpful if you are as forgetful as I am! You can easily browse and place your orders while multitasking.

Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and BigBasket

Diapers are not the only thing you run out off! Though it may seem that way! I have used all of these ecommerce apps to order products at the last minute. Sometimes you even get a better deal for diapers and other baby products on these sites than Firstcry. So always keep your options open.


With all the laundry and breastfeeding, no one would blame you, if you are too tired to step into the kitchen. This app can be a lifesaver if you are short on time and hunger pangs refuse to abate!


Top Apps for Parents with Toddlers and Kids

So, your toddler is not eating, or child is refusing to calm down? Baby led weaning is not going as planned? What to do? When there is no other way out, parents have to resort to screen time to ensure that at least their nutrition is not compromised.

Chu Chu TV App

ChuChu TV is a hit among kids and toddlers. If your kid has not been exposed to it, try to keep him away as long as possible. Their peppy numbers and unique take on nursery rhymes has made kids addicted to ChuChu TV, so please use with caution.

Kiddloland – Nursery Rhymes

This is again a Nursery Rhymes App for kids. The visuals and songs are quite entertaining. The cute part of this App is that when you or the baby touches it the characters begin to move. I have used this app sometimes to get my baby to eat food. I have since uninstalled the app as I didn’t want to keep relying on distractions to feed Baby C. It has been a tough ride!

YouTube Kids

As parents, we are always worried about the type of content our children are being exposed to on the net. Addressing this worry, YouTube has come out with the kid’s version of their parent app called YouTube Kids. Here they would have access to only content curated for kids even if their little fingers end up randomly clicking something!

DinnerTime Parental Control

Now, this is my kind of App! This App enables us parents to restrict amount of time our kids can use their smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is install it on your child’s device and plug in your phone number to link them. Once done, you can set specified break times when the device will be automatically locked –and anyone will be unable to use. You can start doing it when they are young and before they catch on to the fact that it’s controlled by you! You can even pretend that the phone or tab needs a “nap”! Use your imagination!

There are numerous “educational” apps and other baby and kids apps which are supposed to be “must haves” for kids. When I will download and use them, I will keep reviewing and adding to this list. If you are trying to reduce your child’s exposure to screen time, I would recommend that you do not download them. These apps are like quicksand, once your child begins to enjoy them and crave for them, it becomes difficult to disengage them from it.

As a parent I know all this is easier said than done. I too am stumbling on my parenting journey. So, let’s do this together! If you come across any great app, which you found helpful do me a shout out.

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