Best Safe, Natural and Organic Baby Lotion Products in India

Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but there really is no Best Safe, Natural and Organic Baby Lotion in India – at least not among the major ‘leading’ brands. There are some new brands coming up, which I will be mentioning.

That is the sad reality in India, that most commercial lotions are like “cancer in a bottle”. I am proud to say that I‘ve come a long, long way from being a novice who picked up anything brightly packaged in the Big Bazar aisles – to a contentious mother who will fact check every ingredient at the back of a product before even bringing it home.

You really should’ve seen the reaction my husband – an MTech in Environmental Engineering from IIT Kanpur – gave me when I suggested that we use Johnson & Johnson baby products for Baby C. My mother  now thinks that the both of us are over the top finicky when we try to stop her from lathering our baby in clinically proven mild – but in actuality deadly – Johnson and Johnson products.

Babies, these days are not safe from chemicals, even in their mother’s womb – chemicals have been found in the umbilical cord. During pregnancy, women should avoid as many personal beauty products as possible. In India, people blindly trust J&J products.

Not only Johnson & Johnson baby lotion but every other baby product be it many baby shampoo, baby powder or baby body wash – all have THE worst chemical ratings. And don’t get me started on their ‘baby oil’ which is just liquid petroleum oil with more chemicals in the form of ‘fragrance’. I have slowly started moving away from all major MNC brands for all our personal care and household cleaning supplies.

All major brands of personal or baby care products are a cocktail of parabens and phthalates or SLS and silicones. If you are ready to give up your daily beauty regime at once, no worries! Start taking baby steps – starting with well your baby!!

A baby skin is chooooo soft and instantly absorbs everything you put on it, so keeping all the baby products you use natural is a good step to begin with. And start with baby lotion and creams as they are two things that get absorbed into their skin.

Indians have traditionally relied on natural products for baby care. Mustard oil for maslish, malai and besan (milk cream and gram flour) for ubtan, and almond oil or coconut oil for hair. Only in the last few years under  the onslaught of the marketing departments of MNCs has commercial baby products made their way into our homes!

Personally, I would encourage you to start experimenting with DIY homemade baby lotions as this way you would know EXACTLY what is going into your baby’s products. For me, I prefer using coconut oil for everything – from cleaning (coconut oil soap) to moisturizing! Will be sharing these recipes soon.

Any lotion which has ingredients like the following should be avoided.

  1. Parabens
  2. Fragrance + Parfum
  3. DMDM Hydantoin
  4. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  5. Retinyl Palmitate
  6. Triethanolamine

As mothers, with so much to do, sometimes even I am hard pressed for time, or am travelling and prefer a packaged product. For such times I have a list of brands I trust just enough to fall back on. Am not completely happy with all the ingredients – but at least they are better than MNC brands. Moreover, since I would really be using them sparingly – I do use them from time to time!

Our selection of Best Baby Lotion Products in India

Most of these chemical free baby lotions are available online on different stores. Most of the brands I like claim to be paraben free.


Rustic Art Baby Lotion

I cannot thank Swati enough for starting this brand! I absolutely love their products. What I don’t like is that they don’t sell in bulk yet!! Though their products are manufactured in Pondicherry, Rustic Art is an amchi Pune brand! Rustic Art claims its products are free of all the added fragrances and colours. What I like best is that the products are all handmade.

Their baby lotion contains all natural and organic ingredients – Aloevera, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sesame Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerine, Rosé Wax, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, De-ionized Water and Natural Preservative of TLC. The last ingredient is the only one I’m not sure of. Need to research more on it.

Rustic Art is really an amazing eco friendly brand. I only wish they didn’t put such beautiful natural ingredients into a plastic bottle in the end! I also love their baby coconut oil soap and Little Laundry detergent – but that’s a topic for a separate post. Their products are good but slightly expensive.


BioBloom Baby


Bio bloom baby lotion indiaOnce I was bitten by the natural and organic bug, I began the process of infecting my family and friends. The first person I managed to turn was my sister-in-law. She was convinced enough to buy better products, but not enough to make them at home – yet!

BioBloom Baby is the brand she liked which suited her budget as well. When I’m visiting I also use them for Baby C – and have found them adequate in that price point. If you are just dipping you toe into the organic lifestyle –BoiBloom Baby is a good option to start off with.

BioBloom Baby lotion claims to be free from parabens and added fragrances. 95% natural ingredients have been used to make their products. They are still working on getting organic certified ingredients. Only problem is that they have sodium benzoate as an ingredient.

Omved Cuddles & Comfort Baby Lotion

I really didn’t want to include this product in this list. Frankly, I feel the price point is quite high when compared to other organic brands. I was really surprised to see Sodium Benzoate as an ingredient is a brand that is so highly priced. While I’m glad companies are now making better and safer baby lotions, it would be better if they avoided preservatives like Sodium Benzoate for more natural options.

La Flora Organics

Sometimes I feel there is a connection between Rustic Art and La Flora Organics. Before starting this blog I had switched to many natural and organic brands – and La Flora was among the first few I tried. Since it is made in Pondicherry, like the Rustic Art products – I trust their products.

Though I have not seen a Baby lotion from La Flora Organics – I have used their aloe vera to make baby lotion at home. La Flora products are without synthetics colors or harsh chemicals. Their products too, come in plastic bottles in very small quantities ranging from 100ml to 200ml. They really should have an option of buying in bulk!


Baby Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Newborn Baby Moisture Lotion


Baby Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Newborn Baby Moisture Lotion

Biotique also claims to be a brand using 100% natural botanicals and recyclable packaging. Their Baby Biotique Lotion comes in a 190 ml pack for Rs193. This is a very good price point considering that natural and organic ingredients are not cheap. When a deal looks too good to be true – it probably is!  It is solely for this reason that I have not tried their product line – a nagging doubt in my mind!

In case your baby has any skin problems, please consult your doctor before trying any new baby lotions or products.

Well, that was my honest review of the baby lotions I have used so far! Now, over to you! Have you tried any of these brands, if so, which are the ones you trust? Which is your favorite brand of baby lotion in India? Do share in comments!